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Simply put, the term Clean Sheet means that in a game with a goalkeeper, the goalie is keeping a clean sheet if they are able to prevent their opponents from scoring any points during the entire game or match. How to Start Clean Sheet Betting. Before placing any bets, it’s important to support your potential selections with some research. A ...

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Clean Sheet Betting Term Meaning The term ‘clean sheet’ refers to a specific betting market in which punters wager on whether a team will concede a goal or not. The simplicity of the clean sheet bet has made it a popular choice amongst bettors in recent years.

What is the Clean Sheet in Football / Soccer Betting - Definition

If a match ends 0-0, then both sides have kept a clean sheet. The equivalent term in US sports is “shutout”, which means the same: stopping your opponents’ scoring. In betting terms, clean sheets – one or both sides not conceding any goals – are

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A clean sheet bet is one in which a player is allowed to place a bet on the team that will not concede a goal during the 90 minutes of the duration of the game. This is a good example from football. Any goals that are scored beyond the 90-minutes mark are not considered.

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What does "Clean Sheet" mean in soccer betting? February 22, 2016 07:40. A "clean sheet" means that the team did not concede any goals, penalties, etc.

Keep Clean Sheet Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Keep Clean Sheet means a bet on a certain team to not concede any goal in a single football match. There are some football teams that are famous for excellent defensive skills or a genius goalkeeper. Not only can this fact be just an interesting piece of information, but also you can benefit from it.

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Now the probability of "clean sheet" for the home team is 34 % and the probability of "clean sheet" for the away team is 20 %. Now there’s no value in betting on clean sheet for the favourite team. But instead there’s value betting on the underdog! When one of the teams is a clear favourite there seems to great value in betting on clean ...

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Mark Wollacott. Mark Wollacott. It's very unlikely to have a clean sheet in a professional rugby game. A “clean sheet” occurs when a sporting team manages to prevent its opponents from scoring any goals or points during a game.