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The six antigens which have been identified as important for transplant are inherited from our parents, half from each. This makes a sibling the best possible chance for a perfect match, not a child, but a child is better than a stranger. A perfect match with an unrelated donor carries odds of one in 100,000, or a probability of .00001.

Kidney Compatibility: Finding the Best Match

Kidney Compatibility: Finding the Best Match. When you need a kidney transplant, finding the best match can mean a more successful transplant. The better the match between the donor and recipient, the longer the transplanted kidney can last.

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Except in cases of identical twins and some siblings, it is rare to get a six-antigen match between two people, especially if they are unrelated. Kidneys are very successfully transplanted between two people with no matching antigens. A person can make antibodies against another person’s HLA antigens.

Finding a Kidney Donor Match (Options, Types, Waitlist ...

Place your name on the kidney transplant waiting list to receive a donor kidney. Even if you might find a donor on your own, it’s important to register on the donor list as a backup. With today’s advanced donor-matching technology, it’s possible to find a good match with a living or deceased donor.

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What blood tests will I need to find out if a patient and a potential donor are a kidney match? There are three main blood tests that will determine if a patient and a potential donor are a kidney match. They are blood typing, tissue typing and cross-matching. What is Blood typing (ABO compatibility)? Blood typing is the first blood test that will determine if your blood is a compatible match ...

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Dr. Bryan Becker, president of the National Kidney Foundation and a transplant nephrologist, said the odds that people who are not related would have a "sibling-level" match like Jennifer Mazzotta-Per

What is the criteria for kidney donor matching?

Similarly, what are the chances of being a kidney donor match? Siblings have a 25% chance of being an "exact match " for a living donor and a 50% chance of being a "half- match ." Donor compatibility is established through blood tests that look for matching blood types and antigens.

Likelihood of Finding a Match

Currently, the chance of having a matched, available donor on the Be The Match Registry®, ranges from 29-79% depending on patient ethnic background. Growth of the Be The Match Registry