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galvanizing - Meaning in Tamil - Shabdkosh

Definitions and Meaning of galvanizing in English galvanizing adjective. affected by emotion as if by electricity; thrilling Synonyms: electric, galvanic, galvanising Examples - gave an electric reading of the play - the new leader had a galvanic effect on morale; Description

How to say witness in Tamil

Tamil words for witness include சாட்சி, சாட்சி கூறு, சான்று அளி, பைத்தியமான and சாக்ஷியம். Find more Tamil words at wordhippo.com!

speeding - Meaning in Tamil - Shabdkosh

Meaning and definitions of speeding, translation of speeding in Tamil language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of speeding in English and in Tamil. Tags for the entry "speeding" What speeding means in Tamil, speeding meaning in Tamil, speeding definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of speeding in Tamil.

12 Tenses in English with Tamil Meaning ... - Tamil Diction.org

took / ate. We use the past simple to refer to actions, throughts or feelings finished before the time of speaking. I saw a thrilling football match yesterday. My uncle came here last Monday. Future Simple. will take / shall talke / will see / shall see. It is used to express a simple future action.

What is the adjective for thrilling?

thrilly. exciting, producing a thrill. Examples: “ Thrilly jolts of ecstasy electrified his junkie loins. His fancy-prancy equine stride took him a half block down the ghetto street into the dingy foyer of a tenement building.”. thrillerlike. Resembling or characteristic of a thriller.

What is another word for "thrilling experience"?

A sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure. Noun. . Thrilling event, outstanding example. belter. action-packed event. electrifying experience. exciting event. exciting experience.

What do ‘KD’ and ‘OC’ mean? Exciting etymologies of Chennai ...

In pure Tamil ‘Oodhiyam’ is the word for salary, but it isn’t in use anymore. Interestingly, the etymology of the English word ‘salary’ goes back to the Latin word ‘sal’, meaning ...


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