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“Weird” Tennis Rules: When Is Your Hat A Hindrance?

No. Nothing a player does entitles that player to call a let. For example, a player is not entitled to a let because the player breaks a string, the player's hat falls off, or a ball in the player's pocket falls out. Was there a hindrance? As to the first issue, was the player hindered, I say she wasn't.

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What happens if a player’s hat falls off during a point? If a player’s hat falls off during a point, it’s an unintentional hindrance, and the opponents can call a let, at which time players should replay the point. It’s important to note that if it’s your hat, then you can’t call a let.

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A. If you are playing social or recreational tennis, then you should ALWAYS offer to play a let (or a “do-over”) when an extra ball falls from your pocket during a point. The same is true for when your hat falls off your head. Often enough, your opponent will indicate that it was not a distraction and allow the point played to stand.

Tennis Rules on Hindrance

Tennis Rules on Hindrance. July 16, 2011. by ahmcgowan. If a player is hindered in playing the point by a deliberate act of the opponent (s), the. player shall win the point. However, the point shall be replayed if a player is hindered in playing the point by. either an unintentional act of the opponent (s), or something outside the player’s own.

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You Probably Don’t! 1. It’s a let if the ball pops during a point, but not if it loses all its’ compression during a point. 2. Players cannot use the ball to wipe off sweat. 3. Servers are actually required to say the score before each point. If an umpire thinks someone has been blatantly... 4. If ...

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A player’s racquet coming out of the hand (or if their shoe comes off), is not the basis for either player/teams claiming a let. A let is never authorized for something within the player's control. (Code 36) **. For the "Friend at Court" handbook and more information on the rules of tennis, visit the rules and regulations homepage.

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When a player has created an involuntary hindrance (ball falling out of pocket, hat falling off, etc.), the first time a "let" should be called and any similar hindrance thereafter will be ruled deliberate. Any hindrance caused by a player that is ruled deliberate by the relevant official will result in the loss of a point.

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If a player's hat falls off during a point, may the opponent stop play and claim a let? Yes. The opponent's immediate request should be granted. A let should not be granted after the point nor should a request from the player who lost the hat. While I dropped a ball and not a hat, the situation is pretty darn similar.