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Contact Point of Kick Serve | Talk Tennis

If you are in fact swinging upwards well towards the ball, and open string face is going to send the ball long, just like one would on a ground stroke swing trying to produce topspin. The face needs to stay closed as your coach suggested. Using an eastern backhand grip would close the face more at contact, allowing you to accelerate upwards ...

How to Hit Flat, Slice, and Kick Tennis Serves: 3 Contact Points

These serves are going to take a lot of practice as slice and kick require focused learning to judge the amount of ball drop below the ideal flat serve contact point. You have a tremendous analysis of Sam Groth on YouTube showing what might be described as an ideal contact point as he’s achieved 263 kph or 163.4 mph.

Perfect Tennis Serve Contact Point And How To Find It ...

In this video, we’re going over the perfect tennis serve contact point so that you can start hitting the cleanest, most consistent serves of your life. We’re...

Flat Serve Contact Point | CONTACT POINT TIPS - YouTube

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Keys to the Kick - Tennisplayer.net

This serve is used to pull the returner out of position, force him to take additional steps to the ball, and play a contact point at shoulder level or even higher. It is used most often on clay, but can also be extremely effective on hard courts--especially gritty or high-rebound hard courts--when hit with the right combination of speed and spin.

Ideal Tennis Serve Position At Contact | Feel Tennis

An easy way to check how the player imagines the contact on a tennis serve is to simulate the serve into a back fence. Slowly initiate your service motion from the beginning, and gently hit the fence and stop the racket there. Now check 4 key body positions/alignments: forearm/wrist angle; angle of your head; position of the non-hitting arm

3 Types of Tennis Serves: Flat, Slice, and Kick Instruction

However, assuming you have the correct serve stance, behind you is parallel with the baseline and an important distinction when it comes to the kick serve. Contact Point & Racquet Angle. With the kick serve, you’ll want to contact the ball from bottom to the top of the ball so that you’re hitting or brushing up on the ball.

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Kick Serve (Bird view) The bird view of this kick serve allows us to observe closely the correct contact point and racquet work to make the ball spin forwards. Interesting is to observe how the player uses the wrist to propulse the racquet head in the desired ...