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How To Build A Soccer Wall/Rebounder! (Full DIY Tutorial ...

I hope this video helps a lot of you guys out! It's the number one question I get asked in all my videos. Comment down below any questions or suggestions for...

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Dec 13, 2013 - A soccer rebounder wall is a low, wide wall that you can kick a ball against and that will rebound a ball kicked at it. With this wall, a soccer player can practice on his own, without another player to receive and return passes to him. You can also adjust the angle of rebounder walls so that when you kick the ball ...

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The free plans for this kick wall are really straight forward. It should take about one hour to build if you are somewhat handy. If you don't feel comfortable building the kick wall, give a friend their favorite case of beer or bottle of wine and sit back and watch them.

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Screw the other hinge into place on the other side of the wall with the same orientation. Place the end of one of the 6-foot sections of 2-by-4 on to the other side of the hinge and screw it into place there. The 6-foot sections of 2-by-4 will act as the bracing legs of the rebounder wall, so they should point back, away from the front of the wall.

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When you kick the ball on the wall, it is going to deflect it into the air, and you are able to then catch it. It is possible to construct your rebounder wall, thus saving you the expense of purchasing a new one. We will look at the actions you have to take when building a DIY rebounder wall. Materials • two x four plywood Cut this into 3, 4 foot pieces • With the remaining 2 x 4 wood, cut two, 6 foot pieces • two x twelve cut into four, 4 foot pieces

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Regarding the size of the wall, remember even when training with an actual goal you do not use the whole goal as a target. Wall or goal you identify specific spots as the target to aim for. To do that you only need enough wall to simulate the target. For example you would be simulating the goal area at the post plus about 3 feet.