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This app replaces the note card and the stopwatch of a handball referee. • Selection of the tricot color • Tournament mode: Here, the time, e.g. not stopped at 2 minutes. Start of penalty time via separate start button. • Display the bank appointment at the beginning of the match • Entering match events

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A handball match is adjudicated by two equal referees. Some national bodies allow games with only a single referee in special cases like illness on short notice. Should the referees disagree on any occasion, a decision is made on mutual agreement during a short timeout; or, in case of punishments, the more severe of the two comes into effect.

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As can be seen, a referee can tie himself in knots trying to figure out a definitive answer to any less-than-obvious handball scenario. Try this approach (works for me): 1. Was it (in your opinion) deliberate? 2. Could the player (in your opinion) have got their hand/arm out of the way?

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The referee will still have discretion to call the deliberate handball if there is no advantage for the attacking team, but in most cases, referees will give the advantage to the attacking player...

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Players Handball is a team sport for two squads of 7 players (six field players and a goalkeeper). Equipment needed ... a court referee and a goal line referee ...

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A game of handball is officiated by four officials – two referees, a scorekeeper and a timekeeper. The referees are positioned diagonally on court to observe a side line each and, depending on ...

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The referee will show a player a red card for handball if the player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by using their hand or arm. Whether this action was intentional or unintentional does not matter. For any other handball offense, the player will either be cautioned or receive no caution.

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The affected player will be disqualified and will no longer be allowed to participate in the remainder of the game. If a player behaves in a particularly aggressive or grossly unsportsmanlike manner, he can get a red card for his first offense. The direction of the game. A handball game is led by two referees who monitor compliance with the rules.