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What is cricket called in Marathi? - Quora

In common language of Marathi cricket is called cricket. If you mean by sport Cricket. Otherwise it may be also be referred as चेंडूफळी. चेंडू means Ball and फळी means literally bat. That's self explanatory. If you mean by cricket, the insect, it's referred as रातकिडा.

List of names of insects in Marathi - Learn Marathi With Kaushik

Names of insects in Marathi . English Name Hindi Name Marathi Name; Ant: चींटी(chIMTI) मुंगी(muMgI) Bed bug: खटमल(khaTamal ...

Cricket (insect) - Wikipedia

The Crickets was the name of Buddy Holly's rock and roll band; Holly's home town baseball team in the 1990s was called the Lubbock Crickets. Cricket is the name of a US children's literary magazine founded in 1973; it uses a cast of insect characters. The sound of crickets is often used in media to emphasize silence, often for comic effect ...

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Naktode ~ The one who breaks noses and also the Marathi name of cricket, the insect Wagh ~ The Tigers Waghmare ~ The ones who kill tigers Hattimaare ~ The Elephant killers Manjarekar ~ The cat people. Sorry, Sanjay Bhau Kawade ~ Crow people Makode ~ The black garden ants. When they bite, it hurts. Mungi ~ The small ants.

cricket meaning in Marathi | cricket मराठी अर्थ - Multibhashi

cricket = क्रिकेट Pronunciation = cricket Pronunciation in Marathi = क्रिकेट cricket in Marathi: क्रिकेट Part of speech: Noun

What is cricket called in hindi? - Quora

CRICKET : Gol guttam lakad battam de danadan pratiyogita. CRICKET : Lamb Dand Gol Pind Dharpakad Pratiyogita. CRICKET TEST MATCH : Pakad dandu, maar mandu, de danaadan pratiyogita. Hope you liked it then let's play Lamb dand gol pond dharpakad pratiyogita/pratispardha.

Name of Insects in Hindi and English

20. Stick Insect – लकड़ी से चिपका रहने वाला कीड़ा Scientific Name – Phasmatodea

क्रिकेट या खेळाबद्दल संपूर्ण माहिती आणि इतिहास - Cricket ...

कबड्डी या खेळाची संपूर्ण माहिती. आशा आहे की आपणास “क्रिकेट या खेळाबद्दल संपूर्ण माहिती आणि इतिहास – Cricket Information in Marathi” याविषयी हा लेख उपयुक्त वाटेल. जर तुम्हाला ही माहिती आवडत असेल तर कृपया ...

Insects Names In Telugu

మిణ్ణలి. Flea. కుమ్మరి పురుగు. Cricket fly. నత్త. Snail. చేద పురుగు. White ant (termite) పేడ పురుగు.