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The History of Basketball (13 Rules + First Basketball Game Ever)

Basketball required very little equipment to play… two peach baskets hanging 10 feet above the ground, and a soccer ball. The object of the game is to work as a team to throw or bat the soccer ball into the opposing teams peach basket, while defending a score in your peach basket from the opposition team.

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Basketball Rules. The rules of basketball are still enough and exist for the most varied situations. To avoid being too boring, let’s list some of the most common and important ones. – Fault Penalty – Each team can commit 4 absences by period (being it personal lack). As of 5ª, all personal fouls made during that period entitle the free ...

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The 13 Original Rules of Basketball

James Naismith, in devising the game of basketball in the winter of 1891-92, came up with a set of 13 rules. These rules, some of which have endured and some of which have faded away, form the backbone of the guidelines shaping basketball today. The 13 Rules of Basketball: 1. The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands. 2.

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The basketball net hooks onto eight rungs on the bottom of the rim. It hangs down around 15 to 18 inches. The net helps to slow the ball coming through the hoop and also to help see whether a basket was made or not. The Uniform The basketball uniform generally consists of a tank top and shorts. You also need socks and some good basketball type sneakers.

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2. Court and Equipment Playing Court - The playing court shall be flat, hard surface free from obstructions with dimensions of 28m in length by 15m in width measured from the inner edge of the boundary line. Lines - All lines shall be drawn in white color, 5 cm in width and clearly visible.

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Fan-shaped backboards were made legal in 1940–41. A soccer ball (football) was used for the first two years. In 1894 the first basketball was marketed. It was laced, measured close to 32 inches (81 cm), or about 4 inches (10 cm) larger than the soccer ball, in circumference, and weighed less than 20 ounces (567 grams).

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The History of Basketball. Lacking a safe activity to occupy his young athletes during the long cold Springfield, MA. winter of 1891, YMCA International Training School physical education teacher James Naismith got creative. He nailed peach baskets to the lower rung of his gymnasium’s balcony, dug up an ‘association football’ (known today ...

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Goaltending became a violation in 1944, and offensive goaltending in 1958. Free throws were introduced shortly after basketball was invented. In 1895, the free throw line was officially placed fifteen feet (4.6 m) from the backboard, prior to which most gymnasiums placed one twenty feet (6.1 m) from the backboard.

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Care of Equipment/Facilities 1. Balls are stored in portable bins and should be carefully returned to the bins at the end of each period of use. Do not kick the basketballs or throw them from a distance into the storage bins. 2. Balls should be checked often for proper inflation levels. 3. Do not sit on or throw the basketballs against the gym walls. 4.