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Abdussalam N.V won a jackpot worth ₹39 Crore (AED 20 million) on the Big Ticket Lottery in January 2021, becoming one of India's biggest-ever lottery winners. Originally from the Kozhikode district of Kerala, he had been working in Oman when he became a crorepati.

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Sandeep Singh, known as “Sunny,” is one of the youngest Indians to win an overseas lottery. He was working at Best Buy when he bought the ticket that won him an incredible $30.5 Million. Sunny had always believed he would eventually win big as he played the lottery regularly. His family never believed him, but they were proven wrong. Balraj Awasthi

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It was considered the largest jackpot ever won in the city of Mumbai at the time (it happened in 2008). Unlike most lottery winners around the world, the Patels were smart with their money.

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The biggest winner on Indian lottery. This is the story of Mofijul Rahima Sheikh, 22 at the time, whose life changed in a moment after he realized he won the lottery. But let`s go back and see who Mofijul Rahima Sheikh really is. He is a young man from Bardham, West Bengal who is looking for a better life for his family.

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Powerball is the world record lottery with the biggest jackpot ever – $1,586.4 million dollars! It is the most popular international lotto in India with a starting jackpot of $40 million. The fact I think is most exciting is that there have been so many Powerball winners from India, even a jackpot winner!

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The biggest game that is played in India is the Playwin Lottery, which is operated by the Sikkim Government. This lottery comprises of a variety of lottery games, three of which are the Thunderball, Thursday Super Lotto and Saturday Super Lotto.

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Lotto India is a National Lottery available to play across India and from locations around the world. It is an online lottery for Indian people everywhere, offering the opportunity to win jackpots of at least ₹4 Crore – larger than some state lotteries - along with three extra tiers of great prizes and the Free Bet Bonus for matching just the Joker Ball.

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5 Biggest Lottery Prize Winners - Lottoland India. Winning a massive amount overnight is possible by playing the lottery game. Dreams came true when five winners won the biggest lottery prizes which made history. The names of the winners are Marvin and Mae Acosta, Maureen Smith, David Kaltschmidt, John and Lisa Robinson, Merle and Patricia Butler, Ira Curry, Steve Tran and Gloria Mackenzie.