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Basketball Uniform History. Basketball has not escaped the fashion roller-coaster of the past century. Its uniform reflects the ever-changing trends and times. From baggy street clothes to signature form-fitting apparel and back to baggy, basketball uniforms have undergone transition until what has settled today is both comfortable and functional, and invokes a sense of nostalgic pride among players and fans alike.

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History of Basketball UniformsShare: Since the sport was founded in 1892 by James Naismith at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, basketball uniforms have changed more than any other sport in history. In fact, a review of the history of basketball uniforms shows that players have worn everything from trousers to turtlenecks to the satin shorts that are familiar today.

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Basketball Team Uniforms Through the Ages. Basketball began to develop as a sport in 1891, but men just played in their street clothes. There was not yet a designated style of athletic or team apparel. In the early 1900’s, a uniform emerged after professional designers created an outfit of woolen tees and long shorts that ended just below the knee.

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Basketball uniforms made from nylon-polyester blends appeared in the late 1930s. They’re light, durable, stretchy, breathable, inexpensive, and very easy to launder. This type of material would change the game and set the standard for decades to come.

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This is why early basketball associations came up with a new design that would go into full use in the middle of the 1930s: a shortened short and a loose tee. By mid-1930s: Thanks to lobbying by college kids and other sports outfits, basketball uniform took another important leap. Like the leapfrog, however, this was a ridiculous though more efficient move than earlier designs.

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The standard uniform has historical consisted of a sleeveless jersey that features a number and the surname of the player though there are some intricacies that draw attention. The Early Days. The early days of the basketball uniform were significantly different to those we see today. Before the 1920s any type of attire was typically allowed on the basketball court, but special uniforms eventually began to be marketed to players.