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Anticipation Meaning in Telugu, Meaning of anticipation in Telugu

Meaning of 'anticipation' ముందుగా గ్రహించడం; Synonyms. expectation; expectancy; expectance; prevision; foresight

anticipation - Meaning in Telugu - Shabdkosh

noun. the act of predicting (as by reasoning about the future) Synonyms: prediction, prevision. something expected (as on the basis of a norm) Synonyms: expectancy. Examples. - an indicator of expectancy in development. - each of them had their own anticipations. an expectation.

How to say anticipation in Telugu

Telugu Translation. ఊహించి. Ūhin̄ci. More Telugu words for anticipation. ముందుగా గ్రహించడం. Mundugā grahin̄caḍaṁ anticipating. ఎదురు చూసే అంశము.

Anticipate Meaning in Telugu - Anticipate - Shabdkosh

make a prediction about; tell in advance. Synonyms: call, forebode, foretell, predict, prognosticate, promise. Example. - Call the outcome of an election. be excited or anxious about. Synonyms: look for, look to. act in advance of; deal with ahead of time. Synonyms: counter, foresee, forestall.

How to say anticipated in Telugu

Here's a list of translations. Telugu Translation. ముందస్తుగా. Mundastugā. More Telugu words for anticipated. ఎదురు చూసిన. Eduru cūsina anticipated. ముందుగా గ్రహించిన.

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Anticipation meaning in telugu Thanking you in anticipation meaning in telugu. Anticipation full meaning in telugu. E-commerce in India is growing rapidly. It has become the gateway to the adoption of digitization. A part of the Indian population was oriented towards electronic commerce for the first time during the pandemic.

expectation - Meaning in Telugu

belief about (or mental picture of) the future. Synonyms: outlook, prospect. the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values. Synonyms: arithmetic mean, expected value, first moment. the feeling that something is about to happen. anticipating with confidence of fulfillment. Synonyms: anticipation.

fear - Meaning in Telugu - Shabdkosh

noun. an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight) Synonyms : fearfulness, fright. a feeling of profound respect for someone or something. Synonyms : awe, reverence, veneration Examples.

What is another word for "await with anticipation"?

Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb. To anticipate, expect, or wait for, especially with a feeling of approval or pleasure. look forward to. covet. yearn. crave. desire. pine.